Q-tips® Cotton Swabs

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, 750/Pack, 12/Carton

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs

The ultimate home, office and beauty tool. With the most soft cotton at the tip (from the end of the stick to the top of the swab) and a gently flexible stick, Q-tips® cotton swabs are perfect for a variety of uses. Different uses include beauty (apply or remove eyeliner and eye-shadow), baby care (delicately care for sensitive areas), home and electronics (clean and dust hard-to-reach spaces), first aid (gently apply ointments and creams), arts/crafts, pet care, painting, care detailing, model building and more. Paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests. Made with 100% pure cotton.

UNI09824CT Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, 750/Pack, 12/Carton

UNI09824PK Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, 750/Pack

UNI17900CT Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, Antibacterial, 300/Pack, 12/Carton

UNI17900PK Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, Antibacterial, 300/Pack

UNI22127 Q-tips® Cotton Swabs, 30/Pack, 36 Packs/Carton